Premium Publishing Package

Premium Publishing Package $2,499

The Premium Publishing Package provides all the following:

Interior Book Design and Layout

  • One on One Author Support
  • Classic Book Interior Design
  • Electronic Book Interior Proof with 2 Rounds of Corrections
  • Select Custom Cover
  • Author Photo on Back Cover
  • Electronic Cover Proof with 2 Rounds of Corrections
  • Printed Paperback Proof

Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook Editions

  • 30 Complimentary Paperback Copies
  • 10 Complimentary Hardcover Copies
  • Kindle Ebook Edition available on Amazon
  • Nook Ebook Edition Available on
  • Epub Edition (for Apple iPad) Available on

Distribution and Order Fulfillment Service

  • Worldwide Distribution
  • Registrations with online booksellers through Ingram & Baker & Taylor
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Registration with Books In Print database
  • Orders fulfilled for you on a Print on Demand Basis
  • Enhanced Royalties
  • Set Your Own Retail Price
  • Author Volume Discounts

Registration Services

Electronic Copyright Registration 

Bookstand Publishing will complete the appropriate online forms required by the United States Copyright Office (USCO) and submit it for you. Upon receipt of the registration certificate, we will send a copy of the certificate to the author.

Library of Congress Registration 

Bookstand Publishing will complete the appropriate forms required by the United States Library of Congress and upon publication will send one copy of the work to the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress number will be printed inside of the book.

Premium Marketing Services

Amazon Search Inside

With Amazon Search Inside, potential customers can browse sample pages and search inside a particular book to confirm that the title is just right for them. In addition, with the Search Inside program, Amazon uses the actual words from inside the books, not just the author, title, and keywords, to return the best selection of books possible. All of this helps you sell more books.

Author Website

Bookstand Publishing will create a simple 3- to 5-page website for you with a unique domain name, hosted on our site

Video Book Trailer

Video is the latest and most effective tool to increase online visibility for your book and get top listings for your book and website on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Through this Campaign, Bookstand Publishing will create a simple video based on your book cover and on key words and phrases related to your book, and will submit the video to more than 10 video and social bookmarking sites including YouTube and Yahoo! Video. If you prefer, you can supply us with your own video trailer, and we can submit it to the video and social bookmarking sites for you.

Social Media Consultation

One of our Marketing Consultants will show you how to set up and/or expand your Facebook and Twitter accounts to expand your visibility as an author. Used properly, these social media tools can be used to expose your book to hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of potential book buyers interested in your subject matter. This consultation includes our two ebooks: Facebook for Authors and Twitter for Authors.

Premium Marketing Materials

Word-of-mouth marketing is key to building book sales. Whether it’s passing out business cards to colleagues and friends or sending postcards about your book to prospects, our Marketing Materials are a great first step to promoting your book.

• Postcards (100)  – The postcards are 4” x 6”s with a full color front with your cover art and ordering information on the back.
• Bookmarks (100)  – The bookmarks are 2” x 6” with a full color front.
• Business cards (100)  – The business cards are 2” x 3.5” and are full color vertical orientation with your cover art on the front and ordering information on the back.
• Promotional Poster  – Book signings and Speaking Engagements are great ways to market and sell your book. We will create a 20” by 30” glossy full color poster of your book cover and relevant event information so you can better promote your book at Book Signings and Speaking Engagements.

Premium Publicity Services

Customer Review Service

Customer reviews are key to building credibility for your book and in creating buzz. We will solicit customer reviews for your book to help create buzz and build trust with your potential readers.

Press Release

A press release is key to getting newspapers, magazines, radio stations, popular bloggers and niche websites to notice your book. Bookstand Publishing maintains a comprehensive database of radio and TV stations, newspapers and online news sources from which we will develop a list of at least 2500 targeted media outlets to receive your press release

Our professional copy writers will prepare a press release for your review and approval. We will ask the media contacts to contact you directly for review copies and interview requests. The lists can be targeted by location, subject matter or both.

Premium Bookseller Services

Bookstore Discount and Return Program
Having your book returnable is essential if you want to get your book directly into physical bookstores.
This Bookstore Discount and Return Program allows bookstores to return unsold copies of your book for a complete refund for 12 months. It also ensures a maximum bookstore discount to encourage bookstores to stock your book.

The Benefits of the Program:

o Encourages bookstores to order your book.
o Improves chances of scheduling book signings and appearances.
o Allows book returns yet will not reduce author royalties.

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2 thoughts on “Premium Publishing Package $2,499

  1. Tonia Marie Phillips

    Hello. I have a question. I have already written a book and it is published by Author House. The name of my book is The Suit, Battles inside our Marriage. My question is would you still be able to help me with marketing my book. I have owner right to the book. If you can any help would be appreciate. Thanks Author. My web site.

    1. Andy Baldwin Post author

      Hi Tonia,
      Yes we can help you market your book even is you didn’t publish the book with us. Please give me a call at 408-722-8746 and we can discuss.
      Publishing and Marketing Consultant


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